Admins and staff can limit parent access to a MyConferenceTime conference schedule. After admins/staff enter "approved" email addresses, access to the schedule is restricted to parents with those email addresses.

Parents who are permitted to access the conference schedule can view the dates/times so that they can sign up for a conference. Parents are not able to see student names on the schedule. 

Parents who attempt to view the conference schedule will first need to verify that it is their email address. This verification is done by requiring the parent to enter a code that is emailed to the parent's email address.

School staff who are logged in are able to access the conference schedule without verifying their email address.

To enable schedule restrictions for parents:

  1. Log in as an admin or staff member.
  2. Go to the conference schedule.
  3. Using the "Schedule Options" drop-down menu, select "Restrict parent access to this schedule."
  4. On the next page, you will see the option to enable or disable restrictions.
  5. Selecting "yes" will display a textbox for entering the email addresses of parents who are permitted to access the schedule.
  6. Enter the parent email address separated by a space, comma, semicolon or one per line, then press "Save Changes." The approved email addresses will be displayed below the textbox.
  7. To remove an email address from the list of approved email addresses, press the red button next to the email address.
  8. To remove all restrictions and allow parents (regardless of email address) to access the conference schedule, change the value of "Restrict access to the schedule based on email address" to "No."