MyConferenceTime admins who oversee multiple schools can add or transfer staff from one school to other schools. For example, consider this scenario:

  • Mr. Smith is an art teacher at West School. He already has an account in West School's MyConferenceTime.  
  • Mr. Smith had a change in his teaching assignment and in addition to teaching at West School, also will be teaching a few classes at North School.

A MyConferenceTime admin who oversees both West School and North School can add Mr. Smith to North School while keeping Mr. Smith at West School. This will allow Mr. Smith to have only one staff account (one email address/password) that works at both schools.

  1. Log in as a MyConferenceTime admin
  2. Go to the school account where the staff member currently has an account
  3. Go to Summaries -> Staff Summary
  4. Select the staff member(s) who are to be moved or connected to the other school
  5. From the "with selected" drop-down menu, choose "transfer or add staff account to another school."
  6. On the next page, select the school(s) to which the staff member(s) should be added
  7. Should the staff member's account at the current school be deleted?
    If the staff member no longer needs his/her account at the current school, select "yes"
    If the staff member should retain his/her account at the current school, select "no."
  8. Click on "Assign to School" to complete the process