When the master MyConferenceTime schedule (or any schedule) is exactly how you want it to be, it is ready to be copied to each of the staff members who need a copy. We also have video instructions – grab some popcorn!

To copy a schedule to other staff members:

  1. Log in as the admin.
  2. In the “Admin Options” menu at the top of the screen, select “Copy a Schedule (fast).”
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select the schedule to be copied. The schedule you select will be duplicated and assigned to the staff you select in the next step. The dates and times are copied; any student registrations that might be on the original schedule (the schedule you select from the drop-down menu) are not copied.
    If multiple schedules are available to be copied, you can select any schedule that has the same dates/times that are needed.
  4. Select the names of the staff members who should "receive" a copy of this conference schedule. If a teacher already has the schedule, do not check the box next to their name; otherwise that teacher will end up with two copies of the schedule. For example, if you added a new teacher who needs a schedule, but the rest of your teachers already have the schedule, select only the new teacher.
    Note 1: Click on “Check all” to select everyone in the list. You can then uncheck the names who should not receive a copy of the schedule.
    Note 2: Usually principals, administrative assistants and guidance counselors do not have conference schedules. If they should not receive a copy of the schedule, the box beside their names should not be checked.
    Note 3: If the schedule you selected in step 3 belongs to a staff member, you probably don’t want to give that staff member another copy of the schedule. If this is the case, the box beside his/her name should not be checked.
  5. Click on “Duplicate Schedule” at the bottom of the screen.

Depending on how many teachers are receiving the new schedule, there could be a wait of several seconds (few teachers) to a couple of minutes (dozens of teachers). Please be patient and don’t click anything else while the process is running. When the copy process ends, you will receive a confirmation on the screen that the schedules have been copied.