MyConferenceTime permits special read/write privileges for each conference schedule. These privileges override the read-only, staff-level or mid-level privileges that each staff member has by default. (Privileges for each schedule do not override account-wide admin privileges; users with account-wide admin privileges continue to have admin access regardless of permissions for individual schedules.)

Possible scenarios where privileges for a specific schedule can be useful:

  • A staff member needs to make edits to a schedule, but that staff member is not the teacher to whom the schedule belongs.
  • Staff members should not be able to see any names of students on a schedule.
  • A department chair needs to edit schedules for the teachers in his/her department, but the department chair does not have school-wide admin privileges.
  • A team is sharing a schedule and the entire team wants to be able to edit the schedule.
  • A staff member is the "owner" of the schedule but deletes time slots against the wishes of the school, but the staff member needs more privileges than the account-wide read-only rights.

MyConferenceTime admins are able to configure privileges for schedules using the following steps:

  1. Log in as an admin
  2. Go to Summaries -> Schedule Summary
  3. Select the schedule(s) for which you want to set privileges
  4. Using the drop-down menu that says "with selected...", select "customize schedule rights"
  5. On the next screen, the first piece of information you will see is the schedules that you are assigning specific privileges. If this looks OK, click Continue
  6. The names of non-admin staff members will appear. Select the staff member(s) whose rights you are adjusting by clicking "yes," then click Continue.
    If "partial" is pre-selected, it means that the teacher's rights are mixed for the selected schedules. For example, the teacher might have read privileges for one of the schedules but editing privileges for the other schedule that is selected. "Partial" cannot be selected by the admin; it is selected by the site only when the staff member has mixed rights for the selected schedules.
  7. Select the rights to assign to the "yes" staff members for the selected schedules:
    1. Select the option for the staff member to see/edit student information, or set the privileges to read only (staff member can't change any student information). Additionally, the staff member can have student rights so that the student names are hidden to the staff member, even when the staff member is logged in.
    2. Select the option for the staff member to edit/delete time slots, or set the privileges to read only (staff member can't make any changes to times, number of openings).
    3. Select the option for the staff member to edit/delete schedule options (title, visibility, delete), or set the privileges to read only (staff member can't change the title, visibility settings)
  8. After selecting the options for student, time slots, and schedule options, click on Continue.