You can give MyConferenceTime a more customized look that reflects your school. Instead of the big MyConferenceTime logo at the top left of the screen, you can upload your own logo to represent your school and show some school spirit!

If you’re an account admin, you’ll see a “logo” option in the "Appearance" menu at the top of your screen after you log in to your account. 

All of the following instructions are on the actual logo uploader page, but we’ll put it here, too, for those who want to know the specifics:

  1. The logo you upload will replace the default MyConferenceTime “calendar/star” banner in the upper left.
  2. Only image files may be uploaded.
  3. Your logo, if necessary, will be proportionally resized to have a maximum height of 90 pixels and a maximum width of 450 pixels.
  4. Your logo can have “MyConferenceTime” text in one of the corners that you choose, or you can opt not to have MyConferenceTime text appear on your logo.
  5. “Delete my current logo” will reset your logo to the default MyConferenceTime “calendar/star” banner.

It’s really easy to upload: just pick an image file, then click on the upload button. (And if you select a file that isn’t an image, the site will politely reject it – so don’t worry, you won’t break anything.)