Schools have the ability to limit the number of times a student registers for a conference in MyConferenceTime.

  1. Log in (you must have administrative privileges to access the features in the following steps)
  2. In the “Admin Options” menu, select “Advanced Settings.”
  3. In the Advanced Settings, you can customize features such as single column or double column view, show/hide the link to request staff accounts, and school-specific timezone (the default is Eastern). You will also see the following options near the bottom of the screen:
  4. Using the drop-down menus, select the number of conferences permitted based on the email address and student name. You can limit school-wide, by time slot (to prevent overlapping conferences), and by schedule (to prevent multiple conferences with the same teacher).
  5. If you do not want to limit the number of conferences for a specific setting, set the value to 0. [this is the default]
  6. If you are limiting the number of conferences based on the email address, we recommend that you make the email address a required field (use Admin Options -> Fields to specify required/optional/hidden fields).
  7. All changes on the “Advanced Settings” page save automatically.

A few warnings:

  1. The system counts how many times an email address has been used to register for a conference for your school. If you set the limit at 2 but there are 3 children in the family, the system will not allow registration of the third conference.
  2. If you did not delete previous conferences, parents might already be at the maximum before registering for new conferences. For example, let’s assume you want parents to sign up for fall conferences. If the parent registered for a conference last spring; the maximum number of conferences is set to 1; and you did not delete the spring conference data, the parent is already at the limit of 1 and will not be permitted to sign up for a fall conference. Solution: delete last spring’s conferences, or increase the limit to 2.
  3. The system does not recognize variations of names. Even if the limit per name is 1, the system will permit a conference for “Joseph Spalding” and a conference for “Joe Spalding.”  It is unfortunate that someone would try to circumvent the system in this manner.
  4. The system has no way of knowing that two different email addresses belong to the same person. Even if the limit per email address is 1, a parent could get around the limitation by signing up for the first conference with and the second conference with It is unfortunate that someone would try to circumvent the system in this manner.