Using the Conference Setup Wizard, you can create all of your MyConferenceTime schedules quickly.

Watch our video or follow the written steps below.

  1. Log in to MyConferenceTime (admins only)
  2. Go to Admin Options > Conference Setup Wizard
  3. If you haven't used the wizard before, or if you want to start from scratch, select "Create a new schedule."

    If you want to re-use data saved from a previous session, select "Use your previous wizard data." If using previous wizard data, you'll be able to edit all data (conference title, dates and times, staff who will receive a copy of the schedule, visible/non-visible dates & times, reminder dates).
  4. Enter a title and an optional comment, then press "continue"
  5. Use the calendar to select the date of your conferences, then select the starting time of the first conference and the ending time of the last conference. Specify the length of each conference, the length of the break between each conference (usually this is 0),  and the number of openings for each conference (usually this is 1). Click on "Save the Date." If you have lunch/dinner breaks, don't worry - we'll schedule those soon!
  6. If you have more conference dates/times to add, click on "Add more conferences" and repeat step 5 for each additional day of conferences.
    If you are finished entering conference dates, click on "I'm finished adding dates/times."

  7. Preview your schedule. If you need to schedule breaks, check the box for each time slot that is to be a break (no openings for conferences)

  8. If the dates/times are correct, press the "Save and Continue" button

  9. If you need to change dates/times, go back to the green confirmation alerts above the preview and click on the "edit" icon beside the ending time:

  10. Check the boxes for those staff who will have the conference schedule, then press "Save Staff Selections"

  11. Choose when the schedules will become "visible" to parents. You can select a time for the schedules to open, or you can make them visible to parents immediately. Staff who are logged in can see the schedules at any time regardless of this setting; this setting applies to parents' visibility only.

  12. Choose when the schedules will become "not visible" to parents. You can keep them open indefinitely, or choose a time when they close to parents.

  13. Determine if you will permit parents to cancel their conference online. If you choose to allow parents to cancel online, you will select a date/time as a cut-off. Parents may cancel prior to this date/time, but not cancel after this date/time. We recommend allowing parents to cancel online. Parents appreciate the ability to cancel online, and they are able to handle it themselves instead of contacting the school.

  14. Determine if you want MyConferenceTime to send reminder emails prior to conferences. The reminder emails are in addition to the instant email notification after a parent signs up (parents receive them regardless of what you choose in this step).
    If you want MyConferenceTime to send reminder emails to parents who have signed up for conferences, check the box for "Yes" and then specify the date when reminders will be sent. We recommend sending them 2-5 days prior to the conference date.

  15. Click on "Create Schedule" to create your conference schedule for all of the teachers you selected!