After a parent signs up for a conference on MyConferenceTime, they see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email. The default has always been to display the following text:

If you have a question about the conference, please contact [teacher name] <teacher email>

Schools now have the option not to display the text regarding contacting the teacher.

To turn off the question/contact text, please do the following:

  1. Log in as the admin
  2. Go to Admin Options -> Advanced Settings
  3. Find the section: "Hide text in sign up confirmations for parents to contact the teacher regarding questions/changes:" Change the option to "Yes" if you want the text hidden; change the option to "No" if you do not want the contact info hidden (i.e., contact info will be displayed). Changes save automatically.

This setting is applied account-wide; it can not be applied for only a few staff members.